David Keith Steege

Auburndale, FL USA

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I have over fifteen years of teaching experience in a variety of environments including corporate and government training, community colleges, and for-profit-colleges. Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia, I finished high school in only 3½ years and graduated with honors. I carried that success into my undergraduate study at University of Southern Florida with majors in Accounting and Management Information Systems (MIS) studies, earning a B.S. degree. I continued at the University of Southern Florida for my M.B.A. I currently am working on my Doctorate in Management degree with Colorado Technical University with an expected graduation date of January 2010.
I started my career with a small business accounting firm as an accountant working closely with the clients in preparing financial statements and advising them on management issues. I then worked for large corporations including Equifax Card Services where I prepared financial statements for credit card processing of several credit unions and verified daily money transfer up to 20 million dollars a day. I have worked within a variety of business structures and applied the business principles I have learned in the classroom environment and now bring back to the classroom my experiences and stories to help students relate the theory to real world practice. I currently teach as an instructor for several educational institutions were I have refined my interactive presentations and earned the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certificate, in May 2000. My effort over the last thirteen years helps me better communicate to the students in a way that leads to their success in my classes.
I give back to my community, by volunteering with numerous charities such as with hospitalized abused children, feeding the homeless and contributing over 22 gallons as a regular blood donor. I have visited Nicaragua and preformed relief work in the small villages and prisons. The service I contribute to society will hopefully make the world a better place for my two young boys and my community.


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