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Denver Colorado

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Jim graduated from Missouri State University with a BS in Electronic Media and went on to teach and get his masters degree in Television/Film from Syracuse University in New York. Jim’s production experience ranges from producing TV commercials to award winning films and TV series that have taken him around the world including China, Tibet, India, Japan, Europe and South America. He directed a travel series in the Caribbean and also worked for The Vacation Channel where he was the Production Manager. Previous to that he was at Group Productions where he was the Producer/Director for the Chatter Chipmunk Video Series for kids that aired on national TV. Early in his career, Jim co-produced the film Gun’s Eye which went into worldwide distribution with RCA / Columbia Pictures. In earlier years, Jim was known as “Mike Malibu,” a TV personality that hosted the Saturday morning Fox Kid’s Club that played in over 75 markets. Jim has produced various segments that have aired on the Outdoor Life Network, the Vacation channel and Resort Sports Network. You might recognize Jim’s face as host of Colorado Outdoors and see his name in the credits of many outdoors sports programs.


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