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Kelly Taylor is a mezzo soprano and contralto, vocalist, songwriter, and audio and video production specialist. Her focus is in writing for film & television, audio mixing, and videography.

Kelly grew up listening to all different genre's of music at an early age & found her love for music. She's been singing, songwriting, & performing since she was a child. Kelly grew up singing in various choirs & was actively involved in advanced chorus throughout school. She auditioned & was accepted into the Paulding County advanced woman's ensemble under the direction of Ginger Corley, a group comprised of 6 women that compete on national levels against other voice & opera students. She's been involved in different groups & bands throughout her life & has an extensive knowledge of the human voice, proper vocal care & music theory. She's also worked with children in music and directed the kids zone summer musical theater program.

During her time of enrollment at The Art Institute of Atlanta Kelly became actively involved in student government and held the position of student ambassador and E-board member of the student leadership council. The SLC organized, created and executed many school and community projects and events. Kelly Taylor is a member of the Atlanta Film Festival, The Audio Engineering Society (AES) & Grammy U The Atlanta Chapter's Recording Academy (N.A.R.A.S.).

Kelly also enjoys acting, & modeling in which she's done for local designers in both runway & print ads."My primary objective and goal is to bring about change and awareness in the entertainment industry as a whole. I choose to be a person of character and integrity for the next generation of people to come into this industry. To be a person full of passion, ambition, drive and excellence in everything that I do. When you love what you do in life it's not work at all. It's simply living the life of your dreams."

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