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Sydney, Australia

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Kelvin lives in Sydney, Australia.

Kelvin is a professional film Producer/Director/Camera Operator of feature films and has been in the film industry for over 40 years, working in many different roles.

Prior to being in the film industry, Kelvin served for 10 years with a British elite Army force, the 3rd Royal Green Jackets. He is also a proud member of the Australian Cinema Pioneers Society.

He ran and owned a major Motion Picture Film Laboratory and a 2 perf 35mm Camera Rental Company called Movielab and Multivision 235 for nearly 25 years, before closing the doors in 2010.

His last full length feature production was called "Fragment" a 90 minute Suspense/Thriller. The trailer can be seen here on his Vimeo page.

All of Multivision's films was shot on 2 perf 35mm, as he loved the look of film over the digital format and still does today.

He is now in the writing stages of a new Western Movie called "A Man Without A Soul".

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