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Kelvin is a 3D artist and designer whose passion dwells in the beauty of shape, color, and motion. His aesthetics sense and skills helps him to deliver stunning works and bridge the communication barriers between designers and technical operators. The good years he spent working with co-workers from diverse production pipeline helps him to understand key points needed to finish a project as efficient as possible, with desirable result.

Since 2009, Kelvin had worked with many leading players in creative industries, including Ogilvy & Mather and MOJO studio Singapore. In 2010, He was sent to Boston U.S. to work as a game artist in a collaboration between GAMBIT studio Singapore and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His works in motion design are featured in many international channels such as EPSN, Star Sports, FOX, Discovery channel, ASTRO TV Malaysia and also included in local Singapore channel such as channel 8, channel 5, and channel U.

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