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Peterborough, ON

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Kate is a writer, dancer, and designer based in Peterborough, ON. She is also a performer and arts organizer with some frequency. She identifies as a mad vegan queer poly anarcho-femme survivor witch.

Born in southern Manitoba, Kate spent her youth traversing the TransCanada highway with whoever would let her in their passenger seat. A high school dropout, teenage runaway, and insatiable reader, she eventually convinced the higher education system that it was where she belonged. She did her undergraduate degree in Literature & Environment.

She is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Public Texts beside on the Otonabee River at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Her thesis research looks at witnessing publics, animals, and documentary photography.

She thinks a lot about:

animal bodies, solitary confinement, eternal treblinka, trauma, subjects (amourous, in-process, & otherwise), absence, loss, grief, ghosts, hauntings, oceans, displacement, collective therapy, residential schools, land rights, violence, memory, bionarratives, environmental history, queer bodies, dance, embodiments, disembodiments, dissociation, differance, space, place, trace, deconstruction, decolonization, language, disability, self-care, radical pedagogy, postcolonial canadian literature, poetry, love, sex, polyamoury, gender identities, british romantics, german psychoanalysts, french feminists, the cats that live in her apartment.

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