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Karl and the team specialize in producing powerful high end video productions.

Our award-winning film makers and photographers have designed, created and produced productions for companies like Bvlgari and Ferrari and has over a decade of industry experience in a variety of production styles, including online marketing videos for social media, television commercials and event promo videos.

Whether wearing the hat of director, producer, TV host or actor; Film Maker, Karl Edwards aspires to have his productions substantially contribute to developing media content produced in the Emirates.

Having produced videos for brands such as Bvlgari, Ferrari and Redbull as well as documentaries for prominent brands like Tiger Beer, Director / Producer Karl Edwards has a history of esteemed clients under his belt and a reputation for high-quality professional, original and impressive work.

He is quickly emerging and establishing himself as one of the most prominent go-to film & photography providers in the Middle East.

Have a browse of some of the work he has produced and had the privilege of working on.

"film making is a fine art - Whats your story"?


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