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Austin, Texas

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Kendra Scott decided to turn her passion for jewelry into a business in 2002, when she dared to take a chance. She invested $500 in materials for a her first jewelry collection, worked out of the spare bedroom of my house, and took to the streets selling her pieces store-to-store. Today she oversees a thriving multi-million dollar fashion brand that boasts namesake stores in 5 states, and plans for many more. Her goal was to create a brand of beautiful, quality, attainable jewelry that has made the Kendra Scott brand a trailblazer in the fashion industry with a broad spectrum of loyal customers.

The Kendra Scott company mantra, “Family, Fashion, Philanthropy,” reflects Kendra's own skills, talent and energy. In the midst of the company’s rapid success, Kendra works tirelessly to cultivate a company initiative that puts family first, remains at the forefront of fashion, and values giving back to the community as a central priority.

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