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Artist Kenneth Cockwhore is not shy to cut Puritans or the thin-skinned to the quick. Actively involved in the queer scene in Copenhagen

Mr. Cockwhoree’s works centres around ideas of gender identity, questioning contemporary social norms and private-public boundaries. His videos and graphic work include queer slogans, elements of vintage gay-porn as well as portraits of homo-idols and close friends. Smutty acts and pubic areas seem not to be overly celebrated as such.

His statement seems more to be related to the idea that scenes of obscenity (when visually manipulated) can be entrancingly aesthetic and surprisingly sensual.
Cockwhore says, “I don’t really seek to find anything more than to show the beast and coarse uncontrollable lust within the human and to transform the human body into something else.”

In his Forever and Trust series of manipulated black and white photographs (created for the Poppers & Darkroom Bus during the 2010 Distortion Festival in Copenhagen) male, female and cross-gendered genetallia are mirrored, and rotated turning them into abstracted kaleidoscope-like images.

In a hyper-sexualized culture where images of close-up orifices are considered (nonetheless) ‘too much’ Cockwhore manages to turn taboo into a positively pornographic vision, one that is not hard to swallow.


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