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Intriguing. Influencer. Outstanding. Exceptional. Crucial. The Dream Is Real.

These words only scratch the surface of who Kenny Burns is. When people hear the name Kenny Burns, the first question that comes to mind is, “what exactly does Kenny Burns do?” The list of outstanding accomplishments goes on and on, including work across various fields such as music, fashion, lifestyle marketing, television and radio.
Kenny Burns always knew he was destined for great things. He enrolled at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA one year after graduating high school. When he arrived in Atlanta, he took the city by storm launching his own promotions company, 2620 Music. 2620 Music was known for introducing some of the biggest acts in hip-hop history to the Atlanta market in the mid 90’s. This included superstars such as the late Notorious B.I.G. and the living hip-hop legend, Jay Z.

Kenny Burns’ notoriety for “making things happen” skyrocketed his music career. He started by promoting R&B singer Monica’s debut album Miss Thang and Jay-Zʼs highly acclaimed Reasonable Doubt. Kenny then stepped out on his own, orchestrating the double platinum girl group, Dream. His work with Dream was instrumental in helping them secure one of the highest debuts for a girl group, coming in at #2 on the Billboard charts, second only to the Spice Girls. It was clear that Kenny had the formula for success as he grew to be amongst executives - serving as Vice President at Mariah Careyʼs Monarch Music and at Roc-A-Fella Records. Kenny’s experience in the music industry has taken him all over the world and has allowed him to further develop his innate ability to identify the best trends in Pop Culture and solidify his brand as the Lifestyle Specialist. His genuine approach and grassroots knowledge of people and places, made him the go-to person for other tastemakers and celebrities alike.

By 2002, Kenny Burns had evolved into an international style maven and a distinguished young man within the entertainment industry. Inspired and motivated to materialize ideas into reality, he delved into the world of fashion with partners Ryan Glover and Derek Dudley to launch the high-end menswear line, Ryan Kenny. Ryan Kenny was the second African American designed and owned apparel line sold in Saks Fifth Avenue since Willie Wear, and this creative endeavor influenced and changed the way young men dressed and shopped. Ryan Kenny gained exposure to the masses when pieces from the line appeared in Jay Z’s video for “Change Clothes.”

Many other brands took notice of Kenny Burns’ influence and enlisted him to demonstrate his seamless methods to increase brand awareness. His expertise led him to work with global brands such as AXE, Heineken (developed and successfully executed the Heineken Red Star Soul Tour), and Belvedere/MH USA. The pinnacle of Kenny’s success at Belvedere/MH USA materialized into the Belvedere sponsored celebration of his 35th birthday at the infamous Versace Mansion in Miami, FL. This was truly a night to remember. The experience of working with global brands was educational, insightful and added more expertise and layers Kenny Burns’ career. But what was next?
True to his form and seeking to reinforce his connection to the masses, Kenny was called to the microphone. Breaking into the radio industry is not something that you simply walk into. Over the years radio has taken many forms, ranging from traditional to satellite. The evolution of radio enabled the launch of Beehive Internet radio and when several long time associates came together in synergism, The Kenny Burns Show (TKBS) was born. Featuring a diverse music line up, from Top 40, R&B, Hip Hop and Alternative, to provocative talk-radio segments that kept listeners on their toes, The Kenny Burns Show brought celebrities ranging from Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) to Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris together and became the springboard for the next phase of Kenny’s radio career.

The success of this Beehive Internet radio opportunity allowed Kenny to secure a weekend radio slot on the #1 Urban radio station in the country - Atlanta’s V-103 - and in a short amount of time, became the official morning show fill-in and hosted over twenty weeks of The Frank and Wanda Morning Show. With his unique ability to connect with people personally and his talents as a host, after just two years at the station, Kenny had turned TKBS into the highest rated weekend radio show in Atlanta. A successful return to the microphone led Kenny back to his nightlife roots, and he began hosting events nationally for AG Entertainment.

During his time at V-103 the opportunity to influence the masses resurfaced. From 2009 to 2013, Kenny Burns’ organic approach to brand awareness was utilized by the #1 selling premium vodka company, Grey Goose. His roles ranged from National Brand Ambassador, to talent procurement and event execution, to launching and starring in a nationally televised campaign for Grey Goose Cherry Noir featuring DJ A-Trak, Neon Hitch and others.

This move was definitely full circle for Kenny. Ironically, AG Entertainment, now the largest club-promoting entity in the southeast U.S., was founded in the 90’s and based on Kenny’s 2620 Music era blueprint. Reconnecting back to the nightlife scene ignited a period of reflection within Kenny and this led to the creation of his documentary, B.U.R.N.S (Be Ultimately Realistic and Never Sellout). The film revealed the personal peaks and valleys of Kenny’s career and life experiences and in June of 2010, Kenny had the honor of premiering B.U.R.N.S at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) in Miami, FL.

In October of 2013, Kenny released his first book entitled, The Dream Is Real. This is considered his most thoughtful project to date. The book goes beyond B.U.R.N.S and details his life story and his belief that success is defined solely by you and your body of work. Rightfully dubbed “The Lifestyle Specialist,” Kenny Burns is the modern day Robin Leach. His influence can be felt across the Entertainment Industry and his ability to inspire and influence change is undeniable. Rising to every occasion and surpassing all goals and expectations has been his objective since the start of his career, and through his hard work and dedication, Kenny Burns has proved that what you dream you can achieve!

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