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  1. steelblue

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  2. All Rhino Tutorials

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  3. GENEsis

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    gen·e·sis _ the origin or mode of formation of something GENEsis provides an opportunity to digitally reconnect and experience creative happenings (exhibitions, installations, etc)…

  4. perSPECTIVE

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    per·spec·tive _ a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. PerSPECTIVE provides a stage for the individual mind to voice his or her way of thinking,…

  5. theLAB

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    lab _ a room equipped for experiments, research, or teaching. theLAB is a digital workshop that provides an opportunity to teach oneself a new skill at any given day or time. This platform is…

  6. superTALK

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    talk _ speak in order to give information and communicate ideas or feelings. superTALK lectures that [inform + inspire + initiate]

  7. junkFOOD

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    junk.food _ excess substance that people absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. junkFOOD is a multidisciplinary conglomeration of mixed-media videos; featuring a diverse set of creative…

  8. project3D

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    3D _ the quality of being multi-dimensional. Project3D embraces the [VIDEO] as a key tool for representation. Watch these designers embrace the moving-imagery to intensify the [experience + communication]…

  9. spatialFILM

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    spa.tial _ of or relating to space. spatialFILM _ short films using the built environment, its urban fabric, and occupants as the main subject.

  10. suckerPUNCH

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  11. Most Played Videos on Vimeo

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    Looking for quality videos most talked about? Here you will find only videos with at least 10,000 views! If I omitted a video, please email me the its link and I will add it :)

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