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For almost twenty years Kent has been in the film industry working as a Director of Photography, Director/DP and Camera Operator. Kent's specialty is in shooting action & lifestyle. Kent has circled the globe filming on the highest peaks, including to the top of Mount Everest twice, in extreme conditions and on high-profile commercials, feature films, documentaries and television shows.

His work encompasses varied imagery usually filmed under intense situations, settings and with the most gifted people in the industry. Years of filming in extreme conditions on Mt. Everest, Mount Vinson, in Costa Rica or on Kilimanjaro has given Kent a broad worldview with a global, human perspective. He is able to bring a unique skill set to any production by being adaptive, open-minded, thoroughly prepared and unflappable at the lens.

Specializing in premier action cinematography, he has filmed commercial sequences for Ford, American Express, Eddie Bauer/ First Ascent and Arctic Cat. In addition, his feature films include shooting for the movies Limitless, The Other Guys, Iron Man, Hancock, Iron Man 2, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Spiderman 3. Most recently he has worked on the yet-to-be-released movies Cowboys and Aliens, Captain America and 21 Jump Street.

As a member of the distinguished Society of Camera Operators (SOC) and as an Emmy-award winning cinematographer, Kent’s talent and broad skills allow him to be one of the most sought-after in the business.

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