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Ken Wyatt

An award-winning mediamaker with “something to say”, Ken’s projects have been screened and distributed at numerous festivals, TV stations, independent theaters, museums, community events, the internet, and educational venues worldwide.

His upcoming documentary, COLORED CONFEDERATES: Myth or Matter of Fact?, will address an arguable corner of American history and explore the causes that contributed to blacks taking up arms for the Old South during the Civil War: if they in fact did.

Recently Wyatt’s, PRAY FOR ERIC (a film about the rural Western North Carolinians whom allegedly supported Atlanta Olympics/abortion clinic serial bomber Eric Rudolph during his five-year evasion from the FBI) won "Best Overall" film at the SkyFest Film & Script Festival and “Best Coming of Age Film” at the Mountain Film Festival. In addition, it was an official selection of the Beaufort International Film Festival, DocMiami Film Festival, Black Cinema International Berlin, Bare Bones Film & Music Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, and others. A side note: Ken says his brother told him to “up your life insurance before shooting this film” because he’s the sole beneficiary.

NIGGER OR NOT? explores the origins, modern contexts and differing opinions regarding black (and white) Americans' use of the word 'nigger'. It won the 2003 Athens International Film & Video Festival - Documentary Competition; Boston International Film Festival - Outstanding Cinematic Achievement; 3rd Annual Chattahoochee Film & Video Competition - 1st Place; 2003 Black Filmmakers' Hall of Fame - Honorable Mention. "I thought it was time someone directly addressed the subject on screen. My goal was to provide realistic commentary from Black America, non-blacks, and myself." says Wyatt. Ken's ten-minute pilot of N.o.N.?, named REMOVE NIGGER FROM MY NAME, was broadcast nationally on cable’s “Unquote TV” and Philadelphia and Chicago PBS affiliates WHYY and WTTW, respectfully. He has won the Motion Picture Association of America Scholarship, Temple University's Future Faculty Fellowship, and Ramona Broomer Award for Creativity. Some of Wyatt’s other projects include ONE OF A KIND - Rufus Harley, the world's greatest jazz bagpiper, PORTRAIT OF JUANITA, and WHAT IS THAT JAZZ?

In addition, Ken was hired for various crew positions on many east coast film and video production shoots. He also was a news (and occasional sports) photographer/editor with nearly every major network television affiliate in Rochester, NY. Initially, Wyatt began his career as a jazz radio host/producer and a freelance music journalist contributing numerous articles, profiles, and album reviews for various national and international publications including JAZZIZ, CD Review, The Beat, LA Jazz Scene, and many others.

Since 1997, he has been a college-level educator teaching at Temple University, Augusta State University, Hofstra University, and University of New Orleans. In 2007, Professor Wyatt joined East Carolina University's faculty. Ken earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Technology from Norfolk State University.

Says Wyatt, "My goal has always been to produce compelling edu-tainment and share my passion for mediamaking with others.”

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