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I proceeded to develop a kind of image system that I called The Visual Kit. Its main feature consists of two aspects: The first one is that I am still engaged in the creation of paintings. I am using the tools of painting and keeping the rules of autonomy of painting. This means I am working on real canvas with actual colors and and brushes and I am trying to do paintings that can stand in its own right without further explanations.The conception is to let the painting begin spontaneously. Then the painting progresses through stages of intermediate complexity to its most complex and perfect form that is possible at the moment. The other aspect is my goal to make these structure building processes more transparent. I began to slow down the creative process. I achieve this deceleration when I stop at certain crucial moments and take a photograph of the formation and thus document it. To this I add any pertinent information about the creative process. Thus, I manage to “freeze” certain individual states (or stages) of the painting as if in slow motion or suspended animation. This process serves to help me in the development and evaluation of my own work and to aid in the general understanding of the creative processes at work in many artistic approaches to paintings. These images, in a way, represent the web of my memories.

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