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I am From the Kawessess First Nation Saultaux/Cree of the Ojibwe Nation a descendent of the Anishanaabek of Saskatchewan Canada.


I have a serous distrust in this contemporary civilization , total awareness of all things natural is the inevitable result.... I trust not in science politics monotheism education corporate-government or western thought, the Colonizing Cultures are relentless in its greed for all things, that is not theirs. I am appalled by the ignorance of the civilian-consumer and their blind trust in any institution that has developed the notion that it holds the truth, and that it is self correcting, of which excuse's it self from its own inconsistencies!

So the evolution of my understanding of the current world around us, went from reading all the people that have been pointing out the inconsistency in civilization LIke John Trudell, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, ward Churchill, Suzanna Arundhati Roy and other coherent thinkers , to embracing Anarchism and its thinkers, and... understanding what that means, then to Green Anarchism... So not trusting anyone and then moving to Anacho-Primativism to Primitivism, and not finding any thing that resembles a Natural Reality, But, realizing the ancient tribal Tellings are closer to the truth then any other in relation to an understanding of coexistence and nature, these oral "Tellings" need to be deciphered in order to be understood as history, this is why science rejects indigenous peoples oral tellings, because they cannot facilitate the intelligence to understand such nature, simply because their "being" has been detached from the Natural Reality, now they are just Human, the civilized - and the human is still only a concept that has not yet been completely defined. The history they represent has had 10.000 year old civilizing process and all the lies, wars and the colonization of the world that made it what it is to this day. So now... I have concluded, I can not trust anything that is written, it became evident that written history can be manipulated by those who are writing it and who would that be, the Western and Occidental-civilization and their thought process's. so I am now at a complete - anti-civilization, and what to return to an honest and respectful life style-paleolithic, a complete rejection of all that is convenient. I trust nothing or no one… I am a skeptic of all things civilized….


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