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Oakland, CA

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Raised in the deep woods of Maine, my early schooling was that of scaling trees, building forts, crafting elaborate stories of villains bent on destroying my marauding horde of youth. The medium of moving pictures has long been a fascination of mine, perhaps growing up without access to a Television created a void of which I now seek to fill. At an early age, I would often “borrow” my parent’s 35mm camera capturing many snapshots of blurry feet and fingers across lenses, developing a sense of composition and eventually having the privilege to experience darkroom time. Several years later, I was again reunited with a lens, this time magnetic tape replaced celluloid film and through its lens it captured motion, I was old enough to know I was hooked.

Filmmaking has helped me nurture and grow what I believe to be the quintessential part of creativity, nurturing one’s inner childs play. Its such an intense collaborative process involving so many disciplines of art, design, marketing, human interaction and storytelling.

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