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Let's just say i love good photos, but 24 good moving photos per second is just better :)
If you like any of my work, please check our webstite and don't hold it against me.


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  3. Panzer Production
  4. Sherpas Cinema
  5. ACR Systems
  6. Alongi Marcello
  7. Frank Sauer
  8. Desillusion Magazine
  9. Sebastian Linda
  10. The Delivery Men
  11. Gary Shore
  12. sebastien montaz-rosset
  13. Kinga Burza
  14. stillmotion
  15. Jaganath productions
  16. Casey Neistat
  17. Alex Koloskov
  18. time

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  1. great work, congrats. Can you explain workflow between premiere and davinci resolve lite? Was it via final cut .xml? Thanks