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First and foremost, Kevin is a storyteller. But, he's also been known as a director, an editor, a dreamer, a planner, and a lover of all things creative. He lives in the midwest, enjoys strolls on the beach and likes meeting new clients.

As a child, he was fascinated with his parents VHS camcorder. From then on he's been devoted to creating moving images. At 16, he began working in the production industry and soon after attended Kent State University - graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Media Production.

Today, Kevin creates brand films and commercials with a bold photographic feel. His passion for visual storytelling can be seen in the award-winning projects he's directed. A firm believer in life-long learning, Kevin respects the psychology of acting, and the craft of story.

He also maintains a well groomed scruff-beard, eats leftovers that are easily a month old, and is often startled when people jump out at him from around the corner. If you can't tell by this little rant, he's pretty fun to work with.

There's plenty more to say, but he'd rather tell you himself. Contact him today, and I promise he won't continue to talk about his life in the third person.

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