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Kev Hutch is a HEAVY MENTAL EMCEE, the last breed of EMCEE‘s. Hailing from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Experienced hip-hop up close and personal. Coming of age in the Rock Steady era. Moving to Harlem in the 90's, Hutch worked as a set designer for films such as, “Strictly Business“, “Fly by Night“, and “Who's the Man”.
Performing and collaborating with hip hop group, Jungle Brother’s "Raw Deluxe", "JBeez Wit the Remedy", also background vocals for one of ShowBiz & AG's albums.
Hutch had radio promos on New York City's 98.7 Kiss FM and New York City’s Hot 97, The DJ Red Alert's show. Also featured Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito on New York City’s 89.9. Hutch also collaborated with Sensational on Wordsound Records, on 3 albums, “Get on My Page”, “Natural Shine” and "Acid & Bass". Hutch collaborated on pre production with these following artists, VI Jah, Deep Kho-Kho, Beatnuts, Roc Raida, No Games Involved. Hutch also has these artists featured in his documentary, directed and produced by himself, called, “From The Underground Up with Kev Hutch“. This film is a must see. He is now currently working on a Part 2 to this documentary film.
Threw the years Hutch put out several independent albums working with D.B.S./Stillman on music, with videos that followed. Directed and produced by himself and edited by Radio Killer Productions. These self made albums are called, “The Real World”, “Vitamin Hutch”, “Verbal Warfare”, “Drug Wor“, "From the Underground Up Soundtrack", and "Sugarfree Candy".
Hutch is an opportunist that does motivational speaking about the Hip Hop movement and culture. Poetically writing, graffiti, dance, and setting a postive foundation for Hip Hop's future.
Hutch reaches out to the masses being spoon-fed fabricated, over-commercialized zombified, so-called hip-hop. Hutch is very articulate about what he brings to the business. He has hustle and dedication. He is someone you want to research. He definitely is a work in progress in the future of Hip-Hop.

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