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I have been working as a photographer, film-maker and lecturer in London since 2001. I recently completed my Masters at UCL in Digital Anthropology. Since then I have gone on to be awarded a ‘Research images as art / Art as research images’ prize from the UCL Graduate school. At present I am undertaking an AHRC funded MPhil/PhD at the RCA in Critical and Historical Studies. Before this I ran the Access to Film and Television and HND in Photography at a North London College.

I actively develop my practice and its relationship within a socio-political field by producing digital, photographic and video based works. Through such projects, I investigate the use of photography, film and digital media in documenting hidden social realities and as a means for enabling the empowerment of marginal identities. I explore issues surrounding the current ubiquity of digital imaging and networking technologies and how different fields - such as cultural studies, performance studies and anthropology – try to come to terms with this.

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