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"LIVE LIFE LIKE ARNOLD! Lift Weight, Smoke Weed, and Make Movies!"

Kevin Boston aka the Director aka the Boss
birth place: Boston, MA
Current location: Los Angeles, CA

Asian American
democrat, until i am rich ill become a republican
Boston Red Sox
New England Patriots
my inspirations & VIP: my Family, Kel-Ann Hsieh, Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Robert Rodriguez, Guy Richie, Curtis Jackson, Arnold, Rob C, Tom Brady, Jimmy Kimmel, Don Rickels, The Beatles, Matt Damon, Shawn Carter & Frank Sinatra

Favorite quotes:
"nobody built like you, you design yourself"
"i paid my dues, you keep the difference"
"you pay the cost to be the boss"
"do what u love and fuck everything else"

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