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Kevin Drake is an audio engineer based out of Portland Oregon. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Music where he was awarded outstanding scholar in music technology. Studying under Professor Jeffrey Stolet and performing for Future Music Oregon, Kevin shifted his focus to the sonic aspects of music beyond tonality and rhythm. You can view a performance of his composition, Notes From Grace performed at the University in Eugene. His musical influences during this time were expansive. His studies explored the gamut of western music, the genesis of electronic music, and many world musics all while experiencing live jazz and rock shows, playing and recording rock, soul, blues, funk and hip-hop.

After receiving degrees in both music and psychology, Kevin made his way to Portland to pursue his passion for recorded sound. He immediately took a position as an intern at Cloud City Studios. When he wasn't wrapping cables and making coffee, he dedicated all of his time listening to familiar albums in the mastering room. Having learned the sound of the room and the intricacies of the facility, he started taking on his own clients. Kevin is now a freelance engineer working out of Telegraph Mastering in southeast Portland and Tone Proper Mastering in Troutdale just east of Portland.

He has been a musician for 20 years and performed in many bands. He currently plays guitar in the soul band Taste. He is now obsessed with coffee and lives with his amazing wife, Brittany and their black Lab named Sadie.

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