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Portland, OR

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I am a filmmaker living in Portland Oregon.

I am currently raising funds to produce my first feature film "Removed".

“Removed" will implore you to contemplate your conception of right versus wrong. It will make you question what extremes you would go to if your only goal was survival.

“Removed” is the story of Lori and Christopher, a Pacific Northwest couple wanting to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city into the secluded wooded area surrounding Mt. Hood.

The couples' desire to remove themselves from society on a weekend camping trip brings them closer to their animalistic roots than they ever could have imagined. The couple’s romanticized idea of getting away and back to the basics turns into a string of horrific events where they get away from it all, but in all of the wrong ways.

The horror begins when the couple comes into contact with brothers, Arvis and Frank. The brothers' survivalist ways turn the couple’s lives upside down.

Please consider donating and help keep independent cinema alive.

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