Kevin Koester

Germany, Hamburg

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I'm Kevin. I love many things, such as my girl and my dog. And I really love to illustrate and animate, too. There's always this conflict in my mind about doing what you love, and doing something to get paid for and live a secure life.
But I always decide that it's best to follow your heart and get inspired everyday and maybe someday get even paid for it! yea..

So I like to get inspired by nature, people who do what they love( okey,I think you got it now ..), books (Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, William Blake, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and many more) , movies , everything. I'm really into mysticism and if theres any reason for me to be in this world full of grumpy humans, it is to be kind to everyone and everything and to create the hell out of me.

Ah yea .. I'm from Germany. At this time I'm studying graphic-design and I love everything that is baked.. even bread - its almost my favorite food.

If you want to know something just ask!!! yups

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