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Emmy Award Winning Producer, Writer, Editor and Director. Fifteen years of production experience working for NFL Films, the Buffalo Bills and NASCAR creating programming for HBO, Showtime, ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, Speed, GAC and Comcast Sports Network. Produced, directed, edited, wrote and shot the documentary "Through A Saints Eyes" that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.


  1. First Row Films
  2. Ole Miss Rebels
  3. Mike Viney
  4. Michael Heid HEID DESIGN
  5. Gary Johnson, Charleston, SC
  6. SnapRoll Media
  7. Purpose Of Man
  8. Steve Denny / Cinematographer
  9. Sammy Lopez
  10. Brent Buntyn (DoP)
  11. Zach Whiteside
  12. Al Francesco (albefilms)
  13. bunch collective
  14. Jeff Cvitkovic
  15. TA Films

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