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Toronto, Ontario

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Born in Brampton, raised in Mississauga, schooled in art, design, animation, basketball and fun times. Currently living in Toronto and working as a Rich Media Animator for Alchemy International; we create digital signage content for a broad variety of clients and services across Canada and parts of the US.

I love After Effects and use it daily, the apps tools and interface have become second-nature to me. I spend days on end fiddling with tutorials and experiments in motion design using the trifecta of Photoshop and Illustrator alongside AE. I have aspirations to work at greater length with live-action footage and 3D design.

Sometimes I post experiments here, but primarily this is where you'll find my demo reel. Vimeo is a perfect tool for inspiration; view my likes for a sample of videos that inspire me in one way or another.



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