Kevin Pinski

Colorado Springs

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My dad once told me, "if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life", and I feel so fortunate to be doing just that!!

Storytelling and movie making, that's my passion. I love the variety and the challenges that come with each new client. Being able to take an idea, and breathe life into it. Shaping each new concept and creating something that moves people, that urges people to act.

Specialties: Director / Cameraman / Editor
From TV shows, commercials, documentaries, to high-end image pieces.
From aviation and million dollar yachts, to the slums of South America and Asia.
Have filmed in over 23 countries.
Have shot in and out of planes, helicopters, boats, trains, and moving vehicles.
Have filmed hundreds of films and edited most of them.


  1. Matty Brown
  2. We Are Royale
  3. Zach Wolfson