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Kevin Rapp. The name strikes fear in the hearts of millions. Or maybe it's just indigestion. The millions did have shrimp scampi last night, really they should know better, because Red Lobster never agrees with the millions' delicate constitution.

Kevin is an art director, editor, and motion graphics wizard (mostly emphasizing on the "wizard" aspects...he creates all of his projects using extensive witchcraft). For the past five years, he's spent his time as the Art Director for StoneKap Productions, working on the most ballerest videos in town. He's made videos for top notch clients like Goodyear, Goodwill, Microsoft, Morton Salt, Nautica, Target, Timken, Troy-Bilt, and many, many more.

He's really good at Halo, has beaten his entire extended family at the Marvel Comics Scene It, and one time he ate a really old Dorito. His interests include monkeys wearing pants, music with xylophones used unironically, forgetting to update his Vimeo account, and writing biographies about himself in the third person.

Basically, he does hood rat stuff with his friends. Also? Motion graphics.