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Kevin T. Willson has been writing and directing comedy commercials for over 12 years and has directed and co-written 3 top rated Super Bowl spots, including ‘Sling Baby’ which was rated the #1 Super Bowl ad out of all 2012 big game’s commercials by Facebook/USA Today and also ‘Most Liked’ & ‘Most Memorable’ by Nielson Ratings. While getting a film degree in college, he interned for Ridley Scott and saw how commercial directors were getting pulled up to direct features. Kevin has directed over 100 commercials and has worked with Andy Samberg, and has directed Tony Hale, Cristela Alonzo, Adam Pally and many more talented comedy actors. He has directed for clients and ad agencies such as Jeep, Frito-Lay, Publicis, Skechers, The Marketing Arm, Charmin, Sport Chalet, Siltanen & Partners, and many others. He is attached as director to an action buddy comedy feature film. Years prior he directed dozens of short documentaries for humaniarian organizations in 14 countries. He draws his own storyboards and creates animatics for his projects. Kevin is repped by Levity for TV & Film and also by several production companies for commercials. Kevin loves writing, improv, and the great city of Los Angeles where he lives. Some of his work can be seen on his website at


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