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Hello there. I'm Kevin. I love comedic movies and working with fun people. I'm a comedy Director & Writer. I directed 3 Super Bowl commercials that got #1 or #2 out of all Super Bowl ads that year by USA Today and/or Nielsen Ratings. I've gotten to work with great actors like Andy Samberg, Tony Hale, Adam Pally, and direct comedy projects for clients such as Norelco, Doritos, NetApp, Skechers, Charmin, etc. Here's some of my work.


  1. Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen
  2. Khalid Mohtaseb
  3. Adam Hall DOP
  4. [Central Films]
  5. Ben Conrad
  6. Rob Whitworth
  7. Parables Remix
  8. Rob Jaeger
  9. Peter Borrud
  10. Nathan
  11. Martin  Kittappa
  12. Matt Warren
  13. Kelvin Young
  14. Josh Ernstrom
  15. Jason Spencer
  16. JRD Motion Pictures
  17. Jessica Burton
  18. Joel Kenyon

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