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Photography is the description of a journey. Each image on its own is a testimony, a document that survives time, trasnferring a memory, an interpretation of a moment that otherwise whould remain suspended between oblivion and myth, between a thought and crarification. A series of photographs creates a narration. There is no doubt about that. What remains is only to tell the kind and the peculiarities of this narration. It is because, even more than a narration. A series of photographs is a procession. A sequence of symbols and descriptions that seems to march, just like banners in a procession that crosses a main street of a town. Images next to other images. Stored memory next to the living present. Fleeting forms that our eye captures for just a moment but they transfer an impression that it gets recorded inside us for a little longer. Photography saves something that is de facto ephemeral. It describes a small victory of memory over time. Every image, individually, it records a moment that can be interpreted within the four sides of the photographic frame. A set of images though maintains something from this primary experience of a world without vertical or horizontal borders, in other words, of the world they came from. The only link between them is the glance that bought them together…

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