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Arlington, Texas

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I design communication. My career has revolved around organizing information into specifically targeted messages and delivering those messages to their intended audience. Sometimes I’ve worked by myself and sometimes I've led a team. Regardless, success has always been dependent on the ability to design and produce communication that is effective.

Although my career started out focusing on content development, it's progressed to the actual production of all aspects of digital media.

•I've run public relations for a US Navy fighter squadron (as well as flying the jets).
•I've managed the training programs for a 2,500 man aircraft carrier.
•I've written and designed brochures and other print materials.
•I've organized and built web sites and interactive media for multi-million dollar corporations.
•I've composed, recorded and produced musical pieces and radio spots.
•I've written, directed and edited TV commercials, marketing materials and training videos.
•I've animated 3D and motion graphics for everything from interactive CD's to web sites to video and TV spots.

No one can do *everything* well. I’ve got strengths and limitations just like everyone else. However, the breadth of experience I have gives me one tremendous advantage over a single-discipline specialist. My understanding of "the whole" enables me to be the one who can put it all together and make it flow.

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