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From: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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It was summer...
The cold hard truth poured out of
her mind and dripped from her tongue
like lonely rain drops
isolating from
The words that sprung
out from her soul
into the open became trapped
inside the invisible
four walls
of her
room with,

"Lord... my precious, sweet Jesus... My Brother, I am so ashamed to have let you down again; I was doing so good... How could I have fallen for the same trick again? I thought I was ready. I am not worthy of your love... Why do I continuously pursue unavailable love when your undying unconditional love is beaming abundantly, right in front of me?" Can I come back home? I won't leave your side again"...

Her Father took one look into her broken heart and wrapped her with His limitless, unconditional open arms. She was reminded of His promise to never leave nor forsake us. ...And she never let Him go again...


  1. Ali Kadhim
  2. Mathematics
  3. Kirsten Lepore
  4. Alan Duggan

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  1. I keep coming back here. This production/editing/cinematography, choreography and soundtrack was wonderfully done to perfection.
  2. Absolutely amazing. At a loss for any more words of this physical mastery... R.I.P and all the many blessings, Caleb.
  3. OKay Okay! I'm not a huge fan of rap, but I've always been an Aubry Grahm fan. ...EXCEPT when he rolls with lil waynepain. Drake and Director X took it old-school with this one.... And I like it. #SORAW
  4. can't stop crying, right now...