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KidandParent, a web portal targeted exclusively towards Indian parents has been launched. The website contains tools, forums and articles on pregnancy, childbirth, baby care and your child’s growth and development. A vertical search engine helps parents find information that is not readily available on the site.
Life in middle-class India is in the midst of dramatic changes with increased urbanization and the growth of nuclear families. These changes affect the old family structures. New parents who could rely on the advice of their parents, aunts and other elders to learn how to raise a newborn baby or older child find themselves lost. Increasingly, these parents find themselves going online to find an answer to some of life’s long held mysteries like “How do I change a diaper?”, “Why does my 2-year-old never sleep?”. Oonjal Technologies today announces the launch of Kid and Parent,, a web portal to help Indian parents navigate the maze that parenting can sometimes be.
S.R.Prathaban, Founder/CEO of KidandParent says “We aim to provide practical information that will make a genuine difference in the way parents bring up the next generation of Indians.” The KidandParent team comprises technology gurus, child development specialists and doctors. KidandParent also hopes to bring India closer to the millions of NRIs living outside India. Early adopters include Rajeev Ramamurthy, an NRI from London and Sathyanarayana Bhat, a Silicon Valley veteran.
A new revolution is brewing in the way we guide and educate our children. KidandParent is in the vanguard of this movement in parenting. Visit to learn more on what the buzz is all about.

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