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British Columbia, Canada

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Kid Krayon is the founder and facilitator of the PIG (Psychic Impressionism Group).

Since 1997, Kid has combined his intuitive skills with mediumship and clairvoyance, as a Psychic Impressionist.

Via automatism, he simultaneously creates and interprets his psychedelic, and emotionally impacting, Apocalyptic Artworks to those he meets during his interstellar travels.

Know thyself! Free your Heart & Mind to experience the energies of playfulness, innocence and wonder again and again, like those that children feel as they explore their worlds for the first time.

Your unique Soul Reflection Portrait is awaiting revelation.


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  1. ...very exciting & ambitious!
  2. Datsuns are amongst my favourite classic vehicles.....& I still miss my '81 200SX. Thanks for the excellent little film, by the way!
  3. I'm hopeful that this film will make it's way to BC's Okanagan Valley.....looks outstanding in so many ways!