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Here's the problem:

Every year our kids get dressed up in their best clothes, go to school, line up with the entire student body and sit in front of a desolate grey, blue or burgundy background. A photographer makes a joke, asks them to smile and moves them aside for the next kid in line. Combine this bleak experience with the technological advancements in personal digital photography and parents are coming to the realization that the traditional school photo is becoming obsolete.

Here's the solution:

Kidzview is taking the existing product of a simple photo, and raising the quality by adding a massive ‘bang for your buck’ service: a video interview of your child – capturing a remarkable moment in their lives. At Kidzview we create lasting living memories of your child within the school environment.

And here's how we do it:

Through masterful interview techniques we allow your child to express themselves on topics that are current, comical and close to their hearts. Rather than freezing your child in an unnatural photo pose, we follow his or her lead. By capturing the children’s personalities, dynamic expressions and their magical voices we create priceless memories. For years to come you will be able to easily access your child’s most insightful, funniest and surprising thoughts at the ages of 6, 7, 8 and onward. And we do it in a way that allows you to control how you want to watch it.

- Prices competitive with existing photo services, but much value added
- 4 or five well crafted questions using the support of teachers, principles and child psychologists
- High quality equipment, set design and lighting offer higher quality photos and videos
- Secure and well archived services from which parents can withdraw pictures and videos at their convenience
- Online ordering forms for still photograph

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