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Kieran Kaye Audio has been gradually developing over the 10 years and finally came to fruition when Kieran made the move back from New York to his homeland, England after 5 years away. During his time in New York, Kieran gained extensive experience in the voice over industry working for an audio production and casting studio. It was here that he really honed in on his mixing skills for commercials, promos, trailers and everything in between. After the work day was done, Kieran picked up the guitar, wrote and recorded for his New York band 'Petula 62' fronting the quartet at every venue available.

Since being back home, Kieran moved to London in order to be central to the action and expose himself to clients that are keen to start exciting projects with Kieran Kaye Audio. With extensive Pro Tools skills, musical knowledge, years of voiceover exposure (both as talent and recording voice) and general production skills, Kieran Kaye Audio is able to bring any project to life. Be it a simple mix or full sound design, Kieran Kaye Audio has the knowledge and experience to fulfill any client needs.

Please don't hesitate to contact Kieran Kaye Audio with any inquiries you may have:

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