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CEO, Producer, Director, Editor, Videographer living in The Berkshires of western Massachusetts; working regionally and nationally. Australian born into Estonian culture and language; American assimilations and enduring oceanic interests.

The kiinMEDIA Group is an independent video production company founded by Mati, drawing upon a creative team with diverse skills and credentials. We specialize in mission driven media for profiling dynamic organizations and individuals working for social change and leading in the arts, education, and humanities.

'foundBoyFilms' is an independent projects division that produces unique creative and narrative works; 'WESTERN MASS LEGAL VIDEO' provides regional NCRA/CLVS certified services for video depositions and settlement documentaries; 'KEYLIGHT VIDEO PRODUCTIONS' creates personalized video profiles and reels for individuals; families; artists; professionals; scholar-athletes; real estate and personal legacies.

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