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UK Music is hot right now with people all over the world supporting our artist.There is a new name that everyone is talking about and they are ready to unleash their new sound, which means it is about to get a whole lots warmer!

KILLER KUTTZ LIVE is a new dance music group producing dirty bass lines, deep tones and dark side beats made to make on the earth rumble. A collective of 6 artists who have each traveled a different journey until their paths to crossed, each bringing their unique outlook on dance music and combining to make an amazing new sound that crosses genres. They operate together as KILLER KUTTZ. With their dark almost Balearic electro sound, you will be taken on a musical journey consisting of dirty twists…wide sounds.. killer kuttz…warm heavy basslines infused with Jazz and blues melodies that will have your limbs trembling and your feet tapping to the groove.

This summer 2013 Killer Kuttz are going to add new fresh flames to the already super hot UK dance scene.
Killer Kuttz will perform dj sets with live sax and more. To see the full spectrum and beauty of what they are about, check out KILLER KUTTZ LiVE which is an audio & visual live display. Think big live performance with crowd interaction while In the mix, there are hosts / vocalists / live bands / And an array of dancers with Justin & Omowale showcasing live tracks, mixes and one off sound effects whilst Joshua plays killer hooks & kuttz on keyboard and sax.


Killer Kuttz continue to work on producing their own material and have now teamed up with a dynamic singer / song writer Rhea Dean.

 Theve recently started working with a London rapper called Cykologic who will be performing at the World Music Conference in Miami this year. He adds to the vocal range and sound of the team..

Killer Kuttz take to the main stage performing Live as 2 djs 1 sax 1 keys player 1 vocalist and 1 rapper 1 effects guy

So, bring your dancing shoes and get ready to get down to the best dirty kuttz in dance music.

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