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kill your darlings, as a literary term, was coined by william falkner and made popular by jack kerouac and the beat generation. As a concept, it is employed when evaluating ideas during the creative phase; to kill your darlings is to know when to let go of precious thoughts or elements that has become irrelevant or redundant.

kill your darlings is a custodian of visual story telling and is spear headed by hein de vos.

hein is a product of the international commercial and film boom experienced in cape town starting in the early 90’s. after completing his studies in graphic art and photography he started work in film production, moving up through the camera department, honing his craft by working alongside and learning from some of the worlds best filmmakers.
in a sixteen year career, he has worked on numerous feature films like district 9, mr bob, i dreamed of africa, 10 000 bc, the poseidon adventure, catch a fire, doomsday, the diamond hunters, more than 300 international television commercials, a wide spectrum of documentaries, music videos for artist such as seal, dido, robby williams, and will young to name a few, as well as an array of local and international television shows.
he is currently working as a freelance cinematographer and camera operator, as well as independently producing and directing projects like rocklands, a documentary film exploring the social and environmental impact that adventure tourism has on the cederberg wilderness area.
orgie, another independent film project, currently in development stage, is a feature film based on the novel by renowned author and nobel-price nominee, andré brink.

he recently completed two short films, which he co-wrote and directed, titled dinner for three (2009) and thanks dad (2010),
as well as internet virals for clients like estée lauder and puma, and the prestigious fashion blog nowness .

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