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  1. FIBER

    by FIBER joined

    321 Videos / 201 Members

    For the second edition of the FIBER festival we’ll set out to explore, map and visualize the relationships between us within environments of engagement (physical/digital). How do we relate to…


    by Kosmos joined

    7,831 Videos / 1,740 Members

    http://avperformance.net Official Group All that is connected with art and technology of creating live music and visual content, performance, VJ’s, DJ’s and musicians’ work…

  3. OpenFrameworks

    by stefanix joined

    1,021 Videos / 651 Members

  4. Generative Animations

    by DieTapete joined

    795 Videos / 508 Members

    All things generative.. Please only add procedurally generated animations. No keyframes allowed. ;)

  5. TouchDesigner

    by Derivative joined

    1,127 Videos / 1,285 Members

    TouchDesigner is a development environment for visual artists, animators, and everyone else to build powerful interactive graphics-accelerated 3D worlds and applications. See the TouchDesigner…

  6. CreativeApplications.Net

    by CreativeApplications.Net joined

    4,549 Videos / 3,710 Members

    Apps that Inspire! OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Web Apps, Flash, Physical Interfaces, Max MSP development, Processing, openFrameworks and anything else... Please join + add screencasts of apps+projects…

  7. Projection mapping

    by Mauro Pace joined

    1,008 Videos / 1,304 Members

    The best projection mapping

  8. electronica visual

    by Giacomo De Luca joined

    2,782 Videos / 768 Members

  9. The Arts

    by Gene Geter joined

    10.5K Videos / 3,368 Members

    A group for creative, artistic and experimental videos.

  10. LIVE visuals

    by vj granda joined

    1,967 Videos / 712 Members

    Live performed & Live recorded visuals. Visuales realizados y grabados en vivo. Visuels réalisés et filmé en direct. NO LOOPS, NO LOOPS PACK !!!!

  11. 3d Mapping Projection / Architecture & Object Projections

    by palnoise joined

    1,691 Videos / 811 Members

  12. VisualBerlin

    by Kiritan Flux joined

    157 Videos / 663 Members

    VisualBerlin is a video art club that offers a platform for live video performers seeking cooperative projects and mutual exchange. The Videokunst-Club VisualBerlin e.V. is a non-profit organization…

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