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Kim Rogers is a filmmaker, environmental activist and travel guide who splits her time between New York City, the lower Caribbean, and life on the open road. She was the Production Coordinator for the 2010 Academy Award winning documentary THE COVE, and has helped to produce and direct several independent documentaries and short films focusing on social and environmental issues, travel and tourism.


  1. Big Mountain Enduro
  2. Dean Schieve
  3. Rocky Mountain Bicycles
  4. Groupon Engineering
  5. The Atlantic
  6. Peter Gerard
  7. Andrea Allen
  8. triple canopy
  9. North Carolina Harm Reduction
  10. Oceanic Preservation Society
  11. Steve Rummler Hope Foundation
  12. Disruption
  13. Storytellers Ink
  14. Jacob T. Swinney
  15. Danish Documentary
  16. Metro International
  17. POVERTY, INC. | The Movie
  18. San Francisco Film Society

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