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Kimik X (birth name Windley Bruce, born on January 10, 1990 in Bedstuy Brooklyn, New York) is a very talented Dancehall, Hip hop and R&b artist. He is also a Graphic Designer. His nationality is Jamaican (Father) and Bajan (Mother). He is also known as “Da Lyrical Phantom”. Windley Bruce attended Art & Design High School in Manhattan, graduated then studied Graphic Design and Animation at Anthem Institute. Windley was introduced to music at a young age; his father bought him a piano and always played different genres of music around him all the time. Winldey started singing since he could talk but didn’t start writing his own songs until he was around the age of 15, when he wrote his first song “Three Wishes” he wrote to Neyo’s instrumental for his song “So Sick”. From then he can’t go a day without listening and making his own music. At the age of 16 he had a wide intelligence of a broad variety of music, able to point out different instruments just by their sounds, he practiced hitting different notes and changing octaves, he studied different flows and ways that other artists sung or rap to beats. His favorite artists were Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Busy Signal, Aidonia, Musiq Soul Child, Sade, Jay-Z, Naz, I-Wayne and Jah Cure, and many more. At age 17 Windley’s father took him to St. John’s Recreation Center and enrolled him in a Hip Hop History class. The class was taught by Deirdra Lacy, Daniel (Tacit) and Chenits Pettigrew (Chen Lo). One of the projects in the class was for each student to create a song on an original hip hop instrumental that Chen Lo provided for them, then after all the songs where done they would be put together to create an album. Windley didn’t hesitate to get a hot beat, then went home and brought back a whole song the next day. The teachers were impressed that someone so young could have such talent and knew that Windley had great potential to become someone big. Usually Windley would record at home with a little computer mic and a program called Acid Pro, but for this album Chen Lo took him to his first professional studio. The engineer’s name was Arock, and at the end of the summer the album was done and was called “Crown Heights Live”. A year past and more and more kids weren’t showing up for class. The class then consisted of only four people (Manny, Hitman, H.A.C.K., and Kimik X), that’s when Chen knew who was serious about music. So they decided to make a group and take things to another level, the group’s name was Well Rounded Artists. The four artists collaborated and created several songs, which were later recorded in a professional studio call RSR Studio, engineered by an engineer named Success. In the process of recording and becoming more comfortable in the booth, Kimik created several caught phases like, “K to the I”, “It’s Mad”, and everyone’s all time favorite “Fatality”. In the mean while, while waiting for all the songs to be mixed and mastered for the album Well Rounded performed at a number of open mics, did photo shoots and also shot a video for one of their hit songs “Keep Your Head Up” (made in tribute for Shannon Braithwaite). Well Round went on to name the album “360 Degrees” and on June 26, 2009, had a huge album release party, where they performed and gave out free samples of the album. Kimik’s music is now all over the internet entertaining his 15,000+ fans accumulated threw Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Reverb Nation and other popular websites. He grew a strong fan base from coming out with several mixtapes and selling them in the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Also he has music on Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Soundclick, Emusic and Napster for sale. Even though Kimik is unsigned, he really works hard and loves to do what he does. His main goal is to leave his mark on earth and provide people with wonderful music that they can listen to forever, and he promises to never give up until his goal is set.

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