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I´m 22 years old 3d artist from Finland.bio_kuva I´ve been made digital graphics with computer about 6 years now. I started with 2d graphics and for the last 5 years I have been doing 3d graphics. I always try to find some time for them both and they kind of relate to each other. It´s essential to handle different kinds of softwares and techniques together. I have a lot of software experience and I am constantly improving my skills in all fields.

My special skills are definitely 3d modeling, texturing and rendering but I have knowledge about animating too. I have been learned many techniques during these years and I can apply those to many kinds of softwares.

I love digital graphics and I think that tells a lot of person. Digital graphics as a field changes constantly and that makes it very fascinating. It also gives a lot of challenge even for the experienced ones.

I like to try and learn different art styles from cartoon look to photorealistic renders. I´m always keep in mind that the computer is only a tool to share my ideas to the world.

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