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Plug and play! Kinematics allows every child to build his own robot, wirelessly and without complicated assembly instructions.

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Kinematics is a modular robotic construction kit, consisting of kinetic modules and adaptor blocks, which can be connected freely and without the need for cables. Kinematics is suitable for children from the age of 6 years and upwards. No computer skills are necessary, and children may build interactive robots, machines and other similar models, all of which have the ability to move. Exploring and playing with the Kinematic blocks introduces children to the world of mechanics, sensors and renewable energy. The construction kit is a highly entertaining and useful teaching tool with an intuitive interface. The adaptor blocks enable Kinematics to be connected to other leading construction kits.


Our team consists of the inventor and founder of the start-up project, product designer Leonhard Oschütz, the industrial, mechanic and product designer Christian Guder and the business graduate and postdoctoral economist Dr. Matthias Bürger.

Invented at the Bauhaus University Weimar and developed during the past 3 years, our aim is to market Kinematics to customers in December 2013.

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