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  1. 11:17

    Behind the Scenes with us!

    by Kinetic Pixel

    7 Videos

    Ever wonder what is it to work for Kinetic Pixel? These videos tell you all about it.

  2. 03:39

    DESIGN in SOCIETY: Helsinki

    by Kinetic Pixel

    2 Videos

    Design in Society are audiovisual interviews with people who are into fashion, architecture, social art and performances. These conversations try to analyse what kind of effects provoke daily consumption…

  3. 00:39

    Christmas cards and greetings

    by Kinetic Pixel

    1 Video

    Planning to send a seasonal greeting to your audience? Contact us and we will custom-made beautiful videos to impress them. Here is a series of inspirational videos for you:

  4. 13:17


    by Kinetic Pixel

    4 Videos

    Have a look at Ilmastoinfo wate-food cooking show and the cooking tips we produced for them.

  5. 01:25


    by Kinetic Pixel

    3 Videos

    To celebrate the amount of exposure our Opening Titles works are having, we created this album. Our work for Lens Politica and the Helsinki African Film Festival have been shared in dozens of…

  6. 06:22

    Aikamatkat - Timetravels

    by Kinetic Pixel

    5 Videos

    Aikamatkat Oy - Timetravels Ltd. is one of the leading travel agencies in Scandinavia, specializing in cultural group travel to Russia, Ukraine, Baltics and Scandinavia. We are creating a series…

  7. 02:16

    AXE Hair Bar Tour

    by Kinetic Pixel

    1 Video

    Get the look that gets the girls with AXE Bar Tour in Finland: 17.11, The Monkey, Turku 24.11, Gigglin Marlin, Jyväskylä 1.12, Freda Tivoli, Helsinki Check the anti-flirting tips…

  8. 26:57

    Mujeres saharauis: educación y cultura en el desierto

    by Kinetic Pixel

    1 Video

    Una obra formada por dos documentales de 27 minutos, “Los pupitres del desierto” y “El pájaro espejo”, independientes entre sí por su temática pero complementarios…

  9. 03:49

    Event videos

    by Kinetic Pixel

    2 Videos

    These animations we created for different clients have been used on corporate events to be displayed on different screens. Some of these clips were shown on movie theaters or sport events as well.

  10. 00:00

    MoniHeli ry

    by Kinetic Pixel

    Immigrants constitute about 3 per cent of the total population of Finland. As part of the integration process The Co-operation Network of Multicultural Organisations in the Helsinki metropolitan area…

  11. 00:00

    Nokia Siemens Networks

    by Kinetic Pixel

    We have delivered Event Marketing solutions for NSN even before we were Kinetic Pixel. We have been traveling around the Middle East, Asia and Africa and created event content with the latest technologies.…

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