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I've been shooting video in one format or another for most of my life. Watching an old home video one day, I wasn't surprised to find my 8 year old self giving my father direction on what to shoot and how to shoot it. Next were TMNT stop motion movies shot with a VHS-C and in camera edits. In high school the foundation was laid for what would become "Dammit This is Stupid," the public access television show I produced, directed, shot, wrote, edited and acted in. The show went from 1996 to 2003, and won 3 "Best of the Northwest" awards the 3 years I submitted entries.

In 2006, after having retired the show for almost 3 years, I started itching to shoot something. I was also simultaneously growing increasingly discontent at my day job. There was no reason at all I shouldn't be making money with my passion. So the effort of turning videography into my full time job had begun. 3 years later, things are going well.

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