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Well, I've had a camera in my hands since I was six years old, started with still photography and had my first picture published when I was twelve, which led to a freelance relationship with the newspaper that published it. I worked for them for a while and then added the element of motion when I was about 15 or 16. I filmed tons of stuff for my high school, designed alot of the yearbook as well as taking pictures for it, then decided to go to film school at Full Sail in Orlando, Florida. That was awesome then I moved back to VA and started a production company with my dad. We are always looking for new ways to bless the people and enterprises that come across our path. I'm here just lettin my path be led by one who definitely knows more than I could ever pretend to know. The worlds first true artist, who conceived of and designed every part of this awe inspiring world we live in.

Adam Samuelson

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