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An Armenian Refugee and two Baltimore natives cross paths in San Diego California and form a Hip-Hop Spoken Word band with the hope to change the world. Feel good music with a message, theBREAX fuse party rocking with modern lyricism over cutting edge production. theBREAX are breaking out the box of Hip-Hop music, religion, and political correctness, pushing the envelope of music, giving the masses what they want: enjoyable feel good music with an uplifting message that changes lives.

Formed in 2006, theBREAX exploded on the Southern California Hip-Hop and Spoken word scene and took it by storm with incredible performances, becoming crowd favorites at Elevated, Vibes and the Hot Monkey Love Cafe, three of San Diego's largest open mic venues. The group continued to electrify audiences, sharing the stage with notables such as: Tonex, Fred Hammond, 4th Avenue Jones, Pigeon John, The Visionaries, LMNO, LA Symphony, Future Shock, and Guinness Book Record Holder, Supernatural.

The members are an eclectic cast from: Azerbaijan, Baku (Ruslan: Emcee/Producer), Baltimore, MD (Beleaf: DJ, Emcee) and Oceanside, CA (Mic B: Drummer/ Production) and Vista, Ca (Name Brand: Producer). Their signature “Breaking out of the box” sound is a flavor that defies conventional songwriting with a combination of energy and precision. With their globally appealing sound and amazing live show, theBREAX are creating a diverse and loyal following of supporters. Mixing musical genres, while maintaining their own style has given them the ability to reach a wide array of people.

After making a solid buzz with the 2007 release of their self titled album, Rawkus Records declared theBREAX one of the “next 50 important Hip-Hop acts” gaining the group international attention. theBREAX brought in 2008 with a strong appearance on Syntax Record's Night Owls 4 featuring LMNO. All seemed well until they remixed Jay-Z's album American Gangster naming their version Eye Am Gangster. Clearly being Jay-Z's favorite undeclared remix album of all time, Eye Am Gangster was received with praise, placing the remix in the top five of online blogs and remix contests. It was also met with a level of backlash and distrust by fans that developed different expectations from the group based on their previous project.

In the spirit of “breaking out of the box,” theBREAX decided to go for the Benjamin's in 2008 with their sophomore album "When theBREAX Sold Out", the satire themed album was received with critical acclaim and made theBREAX a staple of innovation and risk taking in many Hip-Hop circles.

To continue their buzz into 2009 theBREAX have released the first of its kind "hybrid DVD" entitled "Broken Television". The DVD features a documentary, live performance footage, music videos, over an hour of bonus footage, theBREAX entire music catalog, and a brand new album; Restocked. The documentary directed by American Auxiliary features appearances by LMNO, Pigeon John, Future Shock, LA Symphony, Deux Process, Ant Black, Rudy Francisco, Kendrick Dial, Smoothini, NomiS, Topher 85, Insufficient Funds, Afaar and many more. When placed in a computer the hybrid DVD disc also allows the consumer access to theBREAX entire music catalogue; including their Rawkus 50 debut, When theBREAX Sold Out and Name Brand's "Seeds of Life".

The new album "Restocked" features 16 exclusive songs with appearances by: Braille (Lightheaded) Sev Statik (DeepSpace 5/Tunnel Rats), Theory Hazit (Scribbling Idiots), Eric Cross, R Swift (Rhyme Council/CMR), Whuteva, Proph 1 (Frontlynaz), Big Rec, Sojourn (Future Shock), NomiS, Proverb the Poet, Marz, AND Kinfolk Caliny. Production from Mr. Brady (Deep Rooted), DJ Rek, Nathan Soultrain, Brandon Steppe, Sojourn, Name Brand, Jruckers and more.

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