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Writer, Director, Producer and Entertainment Exec.

Attending the University of Oklahoma since 2007 has offered me the professional experience, tenacity and drive necessary to create several indeleble projects. I started out doing small videos for organizations around the campus then quickly branched out to work with several industry professionals including G.O.O.D. Music’s own Tony Williams and Grammy Nominated artist Lonnie Barker, Jr. After leaving my unforgettable mark at the University, I have moved on to his grand passion of professional filmmaking and entertainment design.

The Last Day Of My Life (Part 1) has received plenty of praise throughout the film community in the southern region and has attracted plenty of positive buzz.

Back in 2008, while I was only 19 years old, I crafted the film’s first version of the screenplay after being told I was too young and inexperienced to create such a seasoned story about life. In an attempt to prove the people wrong, I quickly went on to rewrite, direct and produce my most successful project yet, The Last Day Of My Life.

Being that the film has been molded as a three-part series event, I have been able to carefully inscribe all the elements of this riveting story into place without leaving out proper details.

"The best is yet to come from this young, 22 year old visionary of Houston, TX. "

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