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Hello, (like anyone will see I’m pleased to introduce myself as Vincent Williams, 47 yrs. old. I was born in a small rez community Schurz Nevada at Indian Hospital. Born 1963, I’m Western Shoshone and a member of Te-Moak Band of Western Shoshone.
I found my way here entering some information my mother and I were wondering about. We were looking for information about our heritage, specifically on Indian tribe called "Snake". My mother was born in Battle Mountain, Nevada, were looking for a clue of her grandmother (my great-great grandmother) original came from since no records were recorded of births in this area. We had an idea but the ASU Labriola and Vimeo website confirmed our questions. Now we have so many more. We found what we were looking for!
I want to thank everyone that helped in putting a wonderful resource like this together.

Thank You,

Vincent Williams

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